Aaron Strickland
EC Hamilton
Jon Walker
Jon Ladd

What do you get when you combine the melodies of pop, the angst of hardcore, the technicalities of metal and the aggression of punk? The answer comes in three words, Seven Ten Split. 7-10 Split takes the barriers between these genres and smashes them into a million pieces. Breaking into the underground scene in late 2001 with the release of "The Stars Have Fallen" on New School Records, 7-10 Split took punk/ metal to a whole new level. Breaching the barrier between new school punk rock and metal, "The Stars Have Fallen" found its way into the homes of nearly 4000 people, and the ears of countless numbers. With one of the most intense live shows and relentless touring with the likes of Craig's Brother, The Huntingtons, Side Walk Slam, Fontane, Off The Record, Nuclear Saturday, and My Hostage to name a few, 7-10 Split has been working their music into the hearts and heads of kids across America and Canada for over 4 years. Their latest release "Kill The Messenger," has shot 7-10 up a few steps, and shows that they are ready to reveal to the world what they are really made of. While songs like; Everyone Dies Alone, Don't Mess With Texas, and First Light, highlight their ability write catchy melodies/ chorus' that will be stuck in your head for days, tracks like; The Black Lung, The Battle Of Shiloh, and This Shattered Image, highlight their ability to write aggressive metal, yet still maintain a pop edge that will keep even the most avid pop rockers singing along yet keep all the hardcore/ metal kids dancing. So, if you dare, take a chance on 7-10 Split, it is almost guaranteed that you will have found your newest favorite band. Be sure to look for them on tour in a city near you.